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Introducing MODISHLIFE

Posted on April 01 2020

We wanted a way to give back and spread some positivity into the world so we decided to create #modishlife. We've always wanted to support our community and charities that we feel passionate about as this is very much needed especially with what is going on right now in the world. As a brand we believe in not only enriching your wardrobes but also our lifes.

The charity we are supporting this month is the National Emergencies Trust who are helping tackle the outbreak of coronavirus which is affecting both businesses and people from across the globe. Many people are suffering, not just physically due to ill health, but also economically and socially. Workers are struggling to make ends meet, small, local businesses are closing their doors, and social distancing and self-isolation means people aren’t able to visit vulnerable loved ones.

Here is a list of some other charities you could support.

Age UK
Direct Relief US
Action Homeless
Trussell Trust
Open Doors

There are also other ways to help by volunteering in your local community and supporting those who are most vulnerable. 

Stay safe, take care of each other and we’ll get through this babe xx